What if this window falls off And the side wall with it It would be like that toy house But I’ll be the breathing body, Playing doll. My own true-woman show, Everyday and every night. I’m watched and moved on from. A gimmick of life, Frowned upon. A necessary evil, The fourth wall of a […]

Caution: Dread ahead

There is so much I am trying to avoid these days. Avoid even self confrontation. This is a confession to almost no one– that I am certain that this needs to be fixed. I am afraid there is no right way. I live in a circle. The “my perspective” can’t be shut. It’s always there. […]

Motherfucker Bertrand Russell

I’m gonna talk about the Russell’s Paradox and the motherfucker who wrote it. What’s a paradox? It’s the ultimate question. It has been echoing inside you all along. You see a pretty dress and see yourself in it, next moment you wonder why that old man is so weak and then why the fuck there […]

This one is not code related

My last five posts have been completely naive in a sense that they describe merely the code of what I found amazing to have solved on my own or appreciated for a little amount of time at a point in my life while I was still exploring the programming world. Now that one long sentence […]

Counting Valleys

def countingValleys(n, s): valleys = 0 hikes = 0 for i in s: if i==’D’: if hikes==0: valleys += 1 hikes -= 1 else: hikes += 1 return valleys Gary is an avid hiker. He tracks his hikes meticulously, paying close attention to small details like topography. During his last hike, he took exactly  steps. For […]

Power Set – algorithmic and fast

class Solution: # @param A : list of integers # @return a list of list of integers def subsets(self, A):     if len(A) == 0:         return [[]]     h, t = A[0], A[1:]     subsets_excluding_h = self.subsets(t)     subsets_including_h = [sorted([h] + ss) for ss in subsets_excluding_h] […]