Caution: Dread ahead

There is so much I am trying to avoid these days. Avoid even self confrontation. This is a confession to almost no one– that I am certain that this needs to be fixed. I am afraid there is no right way. I live in a circle. The “my perspective” can’t be shut. It’s always there. This is whole of our consciousness, mutual in only definition and nothing else.

“Everyone is unique” we hear, and quite often. Uniqueness is merely a concept, an opiate really. We’re all the same, at least same material and programming. Programmed to live on and then die in some way or the other. Our existence is stuck in a loop, a distance between two points. To see the point we need the abstraction. To avoid abstraction is the whole point of distraction.

That said, I kinda understand my dread now. I am distracted and I am trying to think about focus.



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