What if this window falls off

And the side wall with it

It would be like that toy house

But I’ll be the breathing body,

Playing doll.

My own true-woman show,

Everyday and every night.

I’m watched and moved on from.

A gimmick of life,

Frowned upon.

A necessary evil,

The fourth wall of a room,

Which keeps the closing near

We may need it anytime,

We might need a breather

to feel ugly from the outside.

We may lose control and toss

from wall to wall,

And night returns every night

The wolves have stopped howling,

But there are other things at large.

I fear nothing but naught,

Unimaginable things have happened,

Inside these closed boxes.

I am giving you an utopia,

Like we watch in fragments

In those theatres, the unwinding

Of the story before our eyes

A sense of being aware

Free of cowardice, our levity!


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