About languages

I was wondering about translations from one language to another. How would that had had happened? How ideas of one demographic region began making sense to people of another one of a different dialect? For example, in Aristotle’s texts he mentions a word psuchê, which means soul as we have understood it. How did that […]

A walk through my mind

Get in. Cozy up. I’ll walk you through my mind tonight. I am unable to sleep, my mind is racing and my body is too tired. Therefore, I’ll walk through this circus. Freakin’ mind of mine. I hope you survive. This is how it started, I was crying rivers. I was making some points in […]

Money is like seats in a bus

I thought of this metaphor today, while processing my thoughts and wrapping my head around money transfers. If you really pay attention, it’s not really money transfer, it’s the transfer of the ownership, like pointers in the programming languages. You own a bus seat for sometime and then you get down at your stop and […]

A beautiful thing called ‘zip’

“Oh how elegant!” First thing that came to my mind when I saw it. For those who don’t know about ‘zip’, please read about it here. Problem which I was solving today was medium level difficult. I needed to tell if solution of a sudoku puzzle was right or not. It seemed simple to test […]

Fire to light

Why do you feel the need to stand out? Why this world pushes for out of the box thinking? Probably because identities are difficult. I’ll burst this myth by saying, NO-thing is out of the box. Its all right here, within this box. But why do I want to burst this bubble so strongly determining our […]