This one is not code related

My last five posts have been completely naive in a sense that they describe merely the code of what I found amazing to have solved on my own or appreciated for a little amount of time at a point in my life while I was still exploring the programming world.

Now that one long sentence has ended, I have other things to tell. When I started from home towards office, I had two things on my mind today, first how to get off from this office as soon as possible and how to keep myself busy, which resulted in two usual possibilities. Either I can engage myself in watching lectures from CS50x on or I can read all day long about various things I care about. I chose the latter because watching lectures is monotonous task compared to reading and imagining things on my own. I stumbled upon this article, which talks about the algorithms creating artworks and fooling people in general into thinking that they have been created by pro artists.

I am almost startled and disgusted at the same time. I don’t want to see machines creating artworks which are meaningful, creative and abstract. No! this is not denial of  the possibilities. I enjoy looking at unexpected taking shapes in front of me, but this shows that human imagination is converging to a point of invisibility. Humans are collectively are losing desire to go on. They want to delegate superior works to machines like curing people, creating art pieces and helping the needy. They are forgetting in their madness to find solutions to problems, to actually see that they would not be in a bargaining position in near future.

This is traumatising.  I abhor the idea.

Polarisation is only natural. Few things in my life especially a fine belief in human imagination keeps me firmly attached to the core of humanness. This is a bizarre feeling. A feeling that I can’t give up on my species, contradicting the fact that same species has accepted their defeat by probably creating a better race. I am near to one pole than the other. There are arguments on the way and no immediate solution for polarisation of beliefs, which machine scientists might need to take into consideration.


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