Clever thing to realise

We often hear things like “human minds are so complicated”, “It is difficult to understand what does on in one’s head” or “I don’t know what just happened” and so on. In reality, these are just phrases from the top of your head, may be because you are exhausted or because you are highly functional […]

Writers are old

What we give up as we age? I say, it’s our knowledge. When we are born into this body, do we really don’t know what we have? As we grow, it is told to us that we are gaining knowledge by going to schools and colleges and places, but it’s a secret that no one […]

The ‘feeling’ lost

I was on a square when I felt it. I asked myself what has changed and I said I am not the person I used to be. I have burned bridges to the past, there is no way back, only forward. Do I recognise myself without all those feelings I had? The profoundness of love, […]

one for ghibli

I finished watching ‘Kingdom of dreams and madness’, a wonderful documentary about “Studio Ghibli” and people who built it. Each block of the building seemed ages old. I saw sadness, hopelessness and humility everywhere. I was overwhelmed by leafing through Japanese tragedies of nuclear attacks, diseases, tsunamis and what not. My friend says, we can […]

the path ahead

‘Path ahead’ here points to the current state of my mind. My mind is merely a pointer, which means it stores the addresses of my mental states, while the value of states are very well hidden. Thinking all the biases through gets rid of the biases. We need a solution, but see ‘thinking’ as a […]