Now and 10,000 years forward

Ever wondered, if your ancestors left a giant big-ass clock running from past thousands of years, evolutionary studies would be much easy and truncated by substantial unnecessary research? Life as we know, is moving forward in time. Life is a matter continuum, we wear the matter and leave it. Our forefathers were great people, they […]

In a binary world

I think sadness is overrated and so is happiness for that matter. Sadness is rather just a note that descends, a converging infinite sequence like Euler’s number. Music and mathematics make human life possible. They complement each other but are mutually exclusive, together they form art. You see a highway with a sunset, and you […]

About languages

I was wondering about translations from one language to another. How would that had had happened? How ideas of one demographic region began making sense to people of another one of a different dialect? For example, in Aristotle’s texts he mentions a word psuchê, which means soul as we have understood it. How did that […]