I don’t know what I am going to write about, but I guess I should because I don’t know what else is there to do? My priorities are made up, my principles too, my personal constitution and all the decisions are based on life events around me, and those I have procured in my big […]

This one is not code related

My last five posts have been completely naive in a sense that they describe merely the code of what I found amazing to have solved on my own or appreciated for a little amount of time at a point in my life while I was still exploring the programming world. Now that one long sentence […]

A walk through my mind

Get in. Cozy up. I’ll walk you through my mind tonight. I am unable to sleep, my mind is racing and my body is too tired. Therefore, I’ll walk through this circus. Freakin’ mind of mine. I hope you survive. This is how it started, I was crying rivers. I was making some points in […]

Fire to light

Why do you feel the need to stand out? Why this world pushes for out of the box thinking? Probably because identities are difficult. I’ll burst this myth by saying, NO-thing is out of the box. Its all right here, within this box. But why do I want to burst this bubble so strongly determining our […]

To capture the Audience

This realisation came to me when I was pondering about me feeling bad when someone from my social circle talks about his/her achievements even though they mean no harm. It hurts because I listen, I feel like I have no other choice but to pay attention. I wondered why that happens. I wondered why I […]

Compassion is poison

This is one way to look at it. Compassion arises when there is a delta. A delta in social status, emotional status or financial status. It’s bad. It’s biased and of no use. In some situation it may be called pity, in others egotism. But it hampers your vision, it hinders your clarity, it makes […]