I don’t know what I am going to write about, but I guess I should because I don’t know what else is there to do? My priorities are made up, my principles too, my personal constitution and all the decisions are based on life events around me, and those I have procured in my big […]

A walk through my mind

Get in. Cozy up. I’ll walk you through my mind tonight. I am unable to sleep, my mind is racing and my body is too tired. Therefore, I’ll walk through this circus. Freakin’ mind of mine. I hope you survive. This is how it started, I was crying rivers. I was making some points in […]

Just another one of those days

When the day goes by and I am not sane. I can’t see one inch ahead and it’s blurry and boundless, I prefer to have coffee. I sit and read my old poetry, try to make something out of the glob. Poetry makes sense when the poet has no character, she is just her poem, […]

Fire to light

Why do you feel the need to stand out? Why this world pushes for out of the box thinking? Probably because identities are difficult. I’ll burst this myth by saying, NO-thing is out of the box. Its all right here, within this box. But why do I want to burst this bubble so strongly determining our […]

One about not knowing

I stand here in almost solitude, and on the other side of the door is a bustling office full of people, some lost and found boards or ballet, some papers flying around, phones ringing, and emails popping, that annoying sound of mouse or keyboard, that chatterbox which never stops talking, that guy who doesn’t shower […]

Clever thing to realise

We often hear things like “human minds are so complicated”, “It is difficult to understand what does on in one’s head” or “I don’t know what just happened” and so on. In reality, these are just phrases from the top of your head, may be because you are exhausted or because you are highly functional […]

Writers are old

What we give up as we age? I say, it’s our knowledge. When we are born into this body, do we really don’t know what we have? As we grow, it is told to us that we are gaining knowledge by going to schools and colleges and places, but it’s a secret that no one […]