I don’t know what I am going to write about, but I guess I should because I don’t know what else is there to do? My priorities are made up, my principles too, my personal constitution and all the decisions are based on life events around me, and those I have procured in my big […]

This one is not code related

My last five posts have been completely naive in a sense that they describe merely the code of what I found amazing to have solved on my own or appreciated for a little amount of time at a point in my life while I was still exploring the programming world. Now that one long sentence […]

Now and 10,000 years forward

Ever wondered, if your ancestors left a giant big-ass clock running from past thousands of years, evolutionary studies would be much easy and truncated by substantial unnecessary research? Life as we know, is moving forward in time. Life is a matter continuum, we wear the matter and leave it. Our forefathers were great people, they […]

one for ghibli

I finished watching ‘Kingdom of dreams and madness’, a wonderful documentary about “Studio Ghibli” and people who built it. Each block of the building seemed ages old. I saw sadness, hopelessness and humility everywhere. I was overwhelmed by leafing through Japanese tragedies of nuclear attacks, diseases, tsunamis and what not. My friend says, we can […]