In a binary world

I think sadness is overrated and so is happiness for that matter. Sadness is rather just a note that descends, a converging infinite sequence like Euler’s number. Music and mathematics make human life possible. They complement each other but are mutually exclusive, together they form art.

You see a highway with a sunset, and you think of descending down the path until it goes on, and what music do you play?

I’d play something unexpected. I am sure.

Some people are drawn to sadness, I’d say. It’s alluring, and counterintuitive to normally occurring structures we choose to live in. It’s better in different facets, rather comfortable in it’s converging sense.

I’ve borrowed mathematics from my father-in-law, I feel so lucky. There is fourier series, infinite series and mathematical logic, music should follow.

I now think sadness should be overrated.


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