Something abstract towards relevance

I had a long text on my telegram pending to be read from a week, I stared at it but never got time to read it carefully. Today, it happened. It was from a friend about his findings and realisations as he delves deep into mathematical foundations of our world. He talked of natural growth function and tried to make me answer my own question. I asked him superficially to define abstract for me, he chuckled, I remember, at that time.

It was silly of me. Each day I feel that boots are getting heavier and infinitesimal step towards answers expects better of me. I need more strength, now that I have a wish to go on. I intend to accomplish much more than what I had in mind, say, two years ago.

A question needs to be clear enough to have some objective and towards that objective we head in steps, infinite steps. I have a thing for ‘e’ now. It makes me feel giddy at places.

10285th day since my birth. That’s a lot to carry forward with.

I dare.

PC –


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